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The copper repiping specialists at Running Plumbing offer whole-building repiping for homes, commercial office buildings, schools, churches, manufacturing facilities, hotels, restaurants, and grocers. Our professional team can handle any job—large or small.

If you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars each year repairing leaks and replacing sections of piping, it might be time for a new copper plumbing system.

Why Invest in Copper Repiping?


Many older homes have galvanized plumbing—steel pipes coated with zinc, which helps prevent rust and corrosion.

One of the main issues with galvanized plumbing is that it can expose you to potentially harmful impurities. First, because naturally occurring zinc is impure and may contain small amounts of lead and other harmful impurities. Second, because the zinc coating can wear off over time, which can lead to rust build-up and corrosion; this build-up can trap impurities, including small amounts of lead, especially if existing galvanized pipes were previously attached to lead pipes.

Other issues with galvanized plumbing include:

  • Low water pressure (due to corrosion/rust in the line)
  • Uneven distribution of water pressure (due to more severe build-up in some areas versus others)
  • Water discoloration (this happens when the pipes release iron; yellow stains in sinks are a clear indication of this)
  • Leaks (when pipes rust through completely)

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or you’re simply concerned about the potential dangers of an old plumbing system, copper repiping can help put your mind at ease while boosting the function and value of your home or commercial building.

PEX vs. Copper Pipes


PEX is a type of plastic (polyethylene) used to make plumbing lines. It is being used more and more these days because it’s flexible, cost effective, easy to install, and it can handle extreme cold and heat.

There are advantages and disadvantages to PEX pipe. While it’s affordable and very useful for indoor applications, PEX plumbing cannot be used outside, because UV light can break down the material. It’s also not recyclable, and some of the pipe fittings can be expensive.

Copper is more expensive than PEX, but it lasts a long time—70 to 80 years, on average, so it’s a good investment. Copper is weather and bacteria-resistant. It resists corrosion and is not impacted by UV rays, so it can be used outside. It’s flexible, making it a good choice in earthquake-prone regions, and it’s also recyclable.

Cost of Copper Repiping


For a 1,500-square-foot house, a copper repipe costs between $8,000 and $10,000, on average.

PEX costs less ($4,000-$6,000, on average), but no one knows for sure how long PEX pipes will last, since these plastic pipes have only been used for the last decade or so.

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For whole-house or whole-building copper repiping, the pros at Running Plumbing recommend copper plumbing. It’s safe, reliable, and long-lasting.

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